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The Flexibak for backpain

Experiencing backpain? Need help?
The Flexibak is a device that actually works! Its proven to help manage backpain designed by osteopaths and recommended by professionals who are experts at dealing  with backpain. 
We offer the Flexibak with support from professionals from our clinic just a call away to offer advice and information to help you get on with your life.

Francis Connor osteopath an physiotherapist

As a registered osteopath and physiotherapist I personally recommend the Flexibak to help many of my patients manage their backpain..

Francis Connor

The Flexibak for backpain is:
Built to last with no height or weight restriction
A Patented, medically classed device
Compliments treatment, designed by an osteopath.

Managing your mobility and reducing your symptoms with the Flexibak will;
Reduce your costs on treatment 
Reduce the frequency for treatment
Help you manage/treat your pain.
The Flexibak is £69.95 plus P&P With regular use can help you manage your backpain.

Best of all;

The Flexibak is easy to use with a 60 day money back guarantee from ourselves.

If you have purchased flexibak from us and have a concern or question you are only an emails or call away.

Purchase with confidenace your Flexibak now and get you health back on track....please not we only use the safe and secure Paypal

"I have used Flexibak for six months now and feel that my spine is better than at any time since the accident."
Steve L* Motorcycle accident victim

Flexibak is registered with the Medical Devices Agency as a Class 1 Medical Device under the classification of Rehabilitation Equipment. Reference Number CA 006835



The Flexibak

Proven backpain relief

flexibak for backpain
The Flexibak

Helping you manage your pain


To help you understand the flexibak we have included information on your back and its structure, what the flexibak is and also how and why the Flexibak works.

There is also some general information on the spines and maybe a few things you didn't know....read more.

To see how it works and the exercises, getting started...read more.

To purchase the Flexibak..

Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic Tel:01204 522 133 an authorised distributor.

The Flexibak has been used by many people from many backgrounds and included is a sample list of what they have said about the Flexibak.

The testimonials are from health care professionals and also peopl who have used the flexibak to manage their backpain.

T:01204 522 133

Ease back pain with Flexi:Bak our clinically proven osteopathic cradle. 
...you can try Flexibak and return it within 60 days for a full refund if it does not help relieve your back pain, so why not try it today?....Purchase the flexibak

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